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April 10, 2010
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"Hmm, what's this?" I said bending down to pick the letter up off the mat.  The envelope had a faint shimmer to it.  Cautiously, I opened it, and a blue card fell out.  Picking up the card, I read the gold writing in fancy script.  "A party?  Hmm, it's not really my thing, but might as well – not as if I've got anything better to do.  Besides, Keegan and Kelly are hosting it, so it should be fun."  Turning the card over, I read the details.  "A fancy dress party?  Huh, haven't got anything to wear to that.  Wonder where I could get a costume at such short notice?"  Setting the card down, I picked up the envelope to go throw it out, when a second card slipped out.  Picking it up, I read "Need a costume?  Then try AKEA's Brand New range of partywear."  I thought it over for a few seconds "Hmm, I really shouldn't, but it's not like I've got much choice.  At least AKEA's really cheap."  Shrugging, I grabbed my coat and headed out.

A short time later, I was stood in AKEA's extensive fancy dress section.  I threaded my way through the multiple stands of costumes looking for something that would suit me, and within five minutes I had found it.  Before me on one of the seemingly infinitesimal number of mannequins was an exquisite fursuit.  I brushed the fur with my right hand and was very impressed – it felt so soft and comfy to the touch.  My eyes wandered over to the pricetag and widened in surprise.

"Only $10?" I gasped, "There must be some mistake."  I looked around.  "Hmm, I can only see the display suit – I wonder where the ones for sale are?"  As if conjured by my words, an AKEA employee in a blue shirt appeared behind me.

"For what you're looking for?" he asked.

"Sort of," I replied, "I really like the look of this costume, but I can't see any for sale, just the display one."

"Ah," nodded the employee, "Follow me.  We keep all the costumes in our storeroom – gives us more display space.  If you come to the costume department's checkout area, I can order you one."

"How long will it take?" I asked, "It's just, well, I need it for tonight."

"Oh don't worry," he smiled, "The storeroom's in the basement and there's a service lift that leads straight to the order area.  Should only take five minutes to get you sorted."  We arrived at the tills and he went over to one and punched in a code.  "Alright, now we just have to wait for it to be set up."

"Umm," I interjected, "Don't you need to know what size I want first?"

"Nope – it's one size fits all.  And due to the special weave used in the creation of all our costumes, it'll conform to the shape of your body so there'll be no sagging."

"Oh, that's handy."

Five minutes later, I was leaving the store with the costume underarm.  On my way out, I spotted one of Keegan's friends, Phoenix, but was unable to go over and say hi due to the press of the crowd.  Shrugging, I decided I'd just talk to him at the party – he was bound to be going himself.  I headed straight home to check out my new costume.

When I'd unboxed it, I was even more impressed than I had been in the store.  The fur was even softer than I remembered and I fought the urge to put it on right away as I still had a couple of hours before the party.  I laid out the suit on my bed and stood back to admire it.  I looked at my watch, wishing that the time would pass so I could put on the suit.  Just then, a thought occurred to me – I had to test the suit to see if it really was 'one size fits all' - no point waiting and finding out it didn't fit.  I changed into it, and was pleasantly surprised that the sales clerk hadn't lied. If anything, he'd understated the suit's properties.  Reluctantly, I changed out of the suit to keep it fresh and clean, and after laying it back on my bed went about my business.

The sun was setting when I returned to my room to get changed, and I decided to put the costume on there rather than at the party to save the hassle of transportation.  As I began to suit up, I noticed that there was something still in the box, and curious I peeked inside.  Lying on the bottom of the box was a set of torn shirt and trousers (obviously so the wearer could go for the werewolf look rather than the generic anthro wolf look, and a black leather collar.  Dismissing the rags as not my style, I grabbed the collar and dropped it onto my bed.  After finishing suiting up, I secured the collar around my next, and went to look in the old mirror on the back of my wardrobe.  

As I turned, my knees buckled and I fell to the floor.  The costume pulled tight around my waist and my groin and I felt queasy as I felt my body reforming beneath the suit.  Pressure built in my chest and ass, and I sat back, my fall cushioned by an enlarged posterior.  I looked down and groaned at what I saw.  Where body mass had been moved into my chest, the suit squeezed it into two lumps, forming breasts.  I didn't need to look past them to know what had happened between my legs.  As I tried to stand, the suit hugged my limbs, altering them to suit my new body.  Long black hair sprouted from the head/mask cascading down my shoulders.  Panting, I wondered if it was over, but a heat emanating from the suit told me it wasn't.  A growl caught in my throat as the suit bonded with my flesh, and my skull cracked as it filled the mask, and at last it was over.  Cautiously I stood up, glad that I hadn't become digitrade, and I walked over to the mirror to survey the 'damages'.

Staring back at me was a cute anthro she-wolf, and I couldn't help but admire my new curves.  As I ran my paws down my sides a giggle escaped my lips.  "Actually, I'm quite sexy," I sniggered.  I shook my head to thrust out those thoughts.  Somehow I needed to get out of this.  I pawed at my neck, trying to find the seam between the mask and the body, but to no avail.  Angrily, I clawed the collar, but it wouldn't come off.

"Bloody AKEA merchandise," I spat.  Annoyed, I went back to the box to see if it came with instruction, and found a piece of paper taped to the inside of the lid.

"AKEA costumes – guaranteed to stay perfect for the duration of your social event," I read, "Great – looks like I'm stuck like this until the party's over."  I sighed and looked at my reflection again.  "At least it's a good costume."  A thought struck me and pursing my lips I opened my wardrobe.  "A very good costume," I corrected staring at the dresses, skirts and other female clothing that now filled it.

Eventually, I settled on a black dress which consisted of a skirt that fell to mid thigh and a sort of corset like body, black and purple striped stockings, elbow-length gloves and knee-high boots.  Growing more comfortable with my new body with every step I took in it, I headed for the party, actually starting to feel good about this costume.



"Hang on, hang on!" cried Ben rushing to the door with a towel wrapped around his waist.  It was typical that the postman would come while he was showering and there was no-one else at home.  Cursing that his family had decided to recently move to America, he frantically searched for the front door key amid the plethora of keys on the hooks above the hall phone table.  By the time he'd found it (with more curses directed at his parents along the way), the ringing had stopped and he opened the door, expecting to find no-one there.

He was pleased to be proved right, but was also surprised to find that a parcel had been left on the doorstep.  Wondering what it was, he picked it up (almost losing his towel in the process) and headed back inside.  Knocking the door closed with his hip, he was deterred from checking out the package further by the sound of the letterbox clanking and a letter falling onto the mat.  He looked down to see faintly shimmering envelope with his name on it, and, after picking it up, headed to his room.

After drying off and dressing, he decided to check out what these were all about.  The package was stamped with a weird logo – a blue 'A' on yellow field entwined with curling quasi-Japanese symbols - and it took a few seconds for him to recall that it was the logo of a local cosplay emporium.

"Cool," he smiled, setting it aside for later, "Must be that wig I ordered for my Phoenix Wright costume."  Turning to the letter, he opened it to find a blue piece of card with gold lettering.  Scanning it, his face lit up "Cool, looks like I'm going to get to wear my new costume sooner than I thought."  He looked over at his alarm clock and was disappoint to see that even though he'd slept in late, there was still considerable time to go before the party.  As he set the invite down, a thought occurred to him – to get into character, he'd go and replay some of the Phoenix Wright games he owned.  Whistling happily, he dashed out to the games room to pick one to play first.

Several hours later, he staggered into his room rubbing sore eyes.

"Note to self," he exclaimed to the empty room, "Must cut back on the computer games."  After freshening up, he pulled out his costume from his wardrobe.  It was nothing fancy, just a regular blue suit with white shirt and red tie, but then again, it wasn't supposed to be fancy.  Only one detail was missing.  He looked at himself in the mirror, rubbing his close cropped black hair with his hand.  Lucky for him it had arrived today.

Smiling he turned to the box on his bed and tore into it.  His smile soon faded when he saw the contents.

"What?" he asked confused.  In his hand he held a wig styled with Wright's distinctive spikes, but in a light turquoise rather than the correct brown.  "Great.  They've given me a faulty wig."  He sighed, shoulders slumping, "Too late now.  I guess I could always just say I'm a generic anime character, or Phoenix having a bad hair day."  Shrugging he set the wig on his head and turned to the mirror to see if it was straight.

As he did so, his scalp began to itch.  Ignoring it, he looked at the mirror and was shocked to see that his clothes had started to change colour.  He watched dumbfounded as they morphed before his very eyes.  The suit turned a greenish shade; the trouser legs rising and merging to become a skirt, while the blazer receded into a waistcoat with yellow trim.  The shirt puffed out, gaining big 80s style shoulders and the cuffs becoming stiff as cardboard.  The tie became white, transforming into a bow.  He glanced down and watched and his shoes turned green and gained heels, and then his socks climbed up his legs, removing leg hair on their way, becoming tights.  As he glanced back up at his reflection, his wig lost its rigidity and swayed into a new form.

"What?" he screamed, tugging at the wig, but it wouldn't come off.  A static spark pulsed into his fingers and he let go, sucking the tips.  When he looked, they had grown more slender and delicate.  A tingling on his lips prompted him to look into the mirror and he was shocked to see he was now wearing lipstick.  Frozen in confusion, he watched as his face grew more feminine.  The tingling passed down his neck and up his arms into his chest.  He watched horrified as it bulged and pressed against his blouse.  As it passed down, his waist narrowed and his hips swayed out.  When his legs began to take on a curve to fit the rest of his body, he knew that he'd lost something very important, and with a tear, her knew he was now a she.

Taking a deep breath she looked at herself in the mirror.  "Hmm," she pondered, "I look more like Franziska von Karma than Phoenix."  Perking up she smiled "Actually, I make quite a cute Fran."  The smile widened, "Actually, this is far better than going as Phoenix." Giggling, she leapt up and rushed for her coat.  It didn't occur to her that she had adapted to the body so well, and she barely noticed when her mum called after her "See you Benny – have fun at the party, and don't misbehave young lady."



"Hey cool," laughed Phoenix waving a blue card at his friend.  "We've been invited to a party."

"Really?" she asked.

"Yep, says so right here – 'Phoenix and Foxy'."

"Phoenix and Foxy?" she asked surprised, "It has both our names on it?"

"Yep," nodded Phoenix, "It's from Keegan – I guess he knew you were staying with me this week so sent us a joint invite."

"Sounds reasonable," she shrugged placated, "When is it?"


"Short notice isn't it?"

"Probably got held up in the post – I'll text him to say we're going shall I?"  To this Foxy nodded, turning back to the magazine she was reading.

"What sort of party?" she asked after a while.

"Huh? Oh...umm...fancy dress," replied Phoenix, reading the card again.  There was a few seconds silence.  "Umm," he added, "Got anything to wear?"

"No," replied Foxy thoughtfully, but I know where we can get something – I passed it in the car on the way here."

"Cool," said Phoenix, his red eyes shining with delight.

Phoenix whistled impressed.

"This place is huge!" he exclaimed, "It looks big from outside but this must be...what...four times as big inside?"

Foxy nodded.  "I just hope we can find our way out before the party ends," she joked.

Laughing, they strolled through the shop, before long coming to a costume section.  Shrugging at the convenience of it, they began to explore, looking for something suitable for each of them to wear.  About quarter of an hour in, Foxy was looking at some super heroine costumes when Phoenix rushed up to her and began to drag her away.

"I've found the perfect thing for both of us," he cackled, "You're going to love it."  Deciding to just go with it, Foxy let herself be dragged what seemed like halfway across the section.  "Ta Da!" cried Phoenix pointing at two mannequins in fox outfits.  Foxy nodded appreciatively.  They were perfect and she told her friend so.  They were even more excited when they saw the price, and Phoenix almost exploded with excitement when the clerk told them they got a discount for buying two.

After purchasing the costumes, they decided to have a quick snack in the store cafe, and by the time they got outside, it was beginning to get dark.  Surprised because they didn't think that they'd been all that long, they head straight back for Phoenix's flat to get changed.

"Wow," gasped Phoenix, "The fur's so soft."

"I know," replied Foxy, running her costume through her fingers.  Glancing at her watch she added, "We better get changed quickly if we want to make the party.  Mind if I use the bathroom?"

"Not at all, I'll be in my room if when you're ready."

Phoenix headed into his bedroom, kicking the door closed behind him.  Stripping down to his underwear, he stepped into his costume.  It fitted him snugly and he looked at his reflection in the mirror.  Something confused him – even though it felt like it fitted, there appeared to be a loose section on the chest.  Looking down, it suddenly struck him.

"Damn," he snapped, "This is Foxy's costume."  As soon as he said it, there was a pop, and the breasts were filled.  "Uh oh." He muttered, knowing what would happen next.  On cue, the suit shrank in some place and expanded in others, his body reshaping to fit.  He had to admit that it felt quite pleasant – or at least it did until a sharp kick-like sensation between his legs told him that he was now Kim. "Nooo!" he cried, falling to his knees.

Meanwhile, Foxy had made a discovery of her own.  Slipping into 'her' costume, she had found it tight around her chest, and had started to gasp for air as it pulled tighter.  Like Phoenix, as the costume reshaped her body, she began to find the experience comfortable.  Her limbs had thickened, gaining strength, and her torso had bulked out, gaining muscle.  Another tightness appeared, this time between her legs, but soon passed as the suit expanded.  He looked down admiring his new body when he heard a scream.

Rushing to Kim's room Fox burst in and cried "What's the matter sis?"

Kim stared at her confused for a second before it registered in her mind what must have happened to Fox.  Shocked she gasped "What do you mean sis?  I'm a guy, and you're a friend Foxy, not a brother."

"Whatever are you on about?" asked Fox confused, his original mind washing away under the costumes influence, "You're my little sis – always have been (well mostly)."

Kim stared at her for a few seconds, before deciding to play along.  She smiled, and as she did so, the part that was Phoenix began to wash away.  Fundamentally, they were still Foxy and Phoenix, but now new memories of them as Kim and Fox began to take hold.  Shaking her head Kim giggled "Wow, had a complete mind blank then.  Thanks for coming so quickly though, bro."

"Hey, what are big bros for," shrugged Fox, "Better hurry up, or we'll be late."

"I'm ready if you are," giggled Kim, snatching up the hood/mask combo that made up the rest of her costume.



Derek sighed and tossed the comic he was holding aside.  He'd made his way through quite a few that morning and was now feeling like he was reaching his limit of comic reading for the day.  As it was lunchtime, he decided to go get something to eat, and as he was passing the front door on his way to the kitchen, a letter came through and landed on the mat with a dull thud.  Curious, he picked it up and smiled when he saw his name on the envelope.  Tearing it open he began to read and brightened up when he saw Kelly's name.

"Ah cool," he grinned, "So she is going to have a party.  And it's fancy dress – double cool, I've got just the thing.  Rushing upstairs, he opened his cupboard and pulled out a battered box.  It was a birthday present from Kelly and he was glad he finally had a chance to use it.  Opening the box up, he pulled out a red, blue and black shirt.  "Cool Spidy suit," he laughed, "Wonder if Kelly'll dress up as Mary Jane?"

Deciding to try it on, he closed the blinds and got undressed.  He liked how the fabric felt against his skin and within minutes was fully dressed.  Glad his parents were out, he went into their bedroom to look in their full length mirror.  Admiring the costume, he nodded in appreciation.

"Very nice," he laughed, "And so accurate to – you can't even see the eye holes; it looks just like it does in the comics."  At the mention of comics he perked up even more.  "Time to dig out my Spidy collection," he mused "Should help me get into the roll."  Returning to his room, he started to root around on his bookcase in search of his Spider-man graphic novels.  He was just about to empty another shelf when he remembered he'd leant them to his friend Keegan.

"No matter," he shrugged "Spider-girl will have to do for now."  Grabbing a couple of trade paperbacks, he jumped onto his bed and settled down to read.  Soon, his mind was completely engrossed in the comics, oblivious to the real world.  As he read, he began to change.  Beneath the mask his face softened and became more rounded.  His hair grew longer, becoming a lighter shade of brown, streaked with red.  As he tossed one book to the foot of the bed and grabbed another, he blinked a few time, his eyes changing from blue to green.

He settled down, his ass swelling as it dug for a comfy spot in his duvet, and his hips flowing wider.  As he crossed his legs, there was a pin prick between them, but he ignored it, not knowing that he was now closer to the heroine about which he was reading than he had been minutes before.  She sighed, her chest heaving as two breasts grew.  Closing her eyes, she fell asleep, her body settling into a more feminine form.

Derek blinked, surprised at falling asleep.  Groaning she sat up.  Holding her head, she stared ahead for a second before looking down.  In shock she leapt up, her jump sending her crashing into the ground.  In terror she stood and looked down at herself.  Kelly.  She should have learnt by now that Kelly had a weird sense of humour and any gift from her should be suspect.  As the initial shock began to wear off, a smile spread across her face.  As transformations went, she'd got off lightly – no more than what she'd done to herself in her lab that Keegan had set up, or what Keegan had done to her in his own for that matter.

Stroking her chin, she had a sudden thought.  What could be better than being a girl cosplaying as Spider-girl?  How about having Spider-girl's powers as well?  Nodding, she skipped down to the basement where her lab was.  She had just the thing in one of her potion books – and just enough time to make it before the party.  Giggling, she set to work, humming the Spider-man theme song.



"Kelly!" shouted Keegan in anger, "What's this about a costume party?"

"Well," said the orange-haired bimbo, "I just thought it would be fun, and you said I could have a party some time, so I thought we'd have it tonight."

Keegan's shoulders slumped.  "Fine," he muttered, "But why did you have to go for a costume party?"

"'Cause I think everyone will look sooo cute all dressed up," giggled Kelly, batting her eyelids at her brother.  "And I've the perfect thing for you to wear."

"No!" snapped Keegan, then softening his tone added, "I'm not putting on something you've selected for me...not after the last time..."  He shuddered at the memory.  "I'll find something for myself."  And with that he headed down to his basement lab.  Sighing, he went to the wardrobe where he kept emergency clothes for when one of his experiments went wrong.  Muttering that there had to be something in there he rummaged around and eventually fished out a pair of cat ears and a tail.

"Good enough," he shrugged and tossed them onto one of the spare workbenches before turning back to his latest experiment.  He spent all morning working on one thing or another, breaking at lunchtime to clean the explosion soot out of his hair, and worked on until mid afternoon.  About four o'clock he started to feel sleepy, and before he knew it, he'd collapsed on his desk, snoring softly.

Asleep, he didn't notice Kelly creep in and switch the battered cat ears and tail for her own.  Even her constant cheery giggling wasn't enough to wake him.  When he eventually did awake, it was already starting to get dark, and without a second thought he decided to pop his costume on.

Returning to work, his ears began to itch and he absentmindedly scratched at them.  Slowly, they sank into his head as the cat ears bonded with his skull.  He barely noticed that the itching had switched from the now flat sides of his head to the pointed, furred ear atop it.  A second itch began at the base of his spine, just above the waistband of his stained jeans.  Scratching at it, something dawned on him.

He rushed across the lab to look in a battered mirror.  He was only half surprised to see that he was not a cat-guy.

"KELLY!" he screamed, guessing what had happened, "What have you done to me?"

His sister skipped down the stairs to the lab smiling.  "Well," she began, "You picked what I was going to pick for you, but yours were all old and icky, so I swapped them for the ones I bought you and I think you look really cute with them on."

Keegan was about to snap a replied when his stomach growled.  Looking down, he gasped as he saw his tee-shirt flex as the flesh rippled beneath it.  Clutching his midriff, he glared at his sister, knowing what was going to happen next.  The rippling intensified and spread up his chest, which bulged as breasts formed.  Next his legs and arms wobbled as body hair fell out and when it was over they were left delicate and feminine.  His face rippled, the bones reforming, making his features become softer, a mirror of Kelly's.  Finally came the part he was most dreading.  Collapsing to the floor, he felt his manhood diminish and knew that he was Keegan no more.

Allison stood up, crossing her arms.  She glared at her sister and growled, "Nya, Great.  Just great!"  Kelly looked at her sister giving her puppy dog eyes, and Allison's ire all but melted away.  Sighing, Allison shrugged and said, "Well, c'mon then, let's get this place ready for the party."

"Yay!" squeed Kelly in delight.



It was dark when the guests arrived.  First was Tobias, now Tobi.  She was greeted by Kelly at the front door.  Kelly herself was wearing a pair of cat ears and tail, which like her sister had bonded to her body, but unlike Allison, had not induced a gender change.  Seeing Tobi she grinned and giggled about how adorable the latter looked as a wolf-girl and how realistic the suit looked.  Almost forgetting that she was really male, Tobi agreed with her saying that she really liked how it felt.

Benny was the next to arrive, allowing Tobi to duck inside while Kelly's attention was distracted.  Benny strutted up the garden path, and Kelly bounced up and down saying how much her newest friend looked like a supermodel.  Benny blushed at the compliment and after telling Kelly that she was cosplaying, spent the next fifteen minutes on the doorstep as the Bimbo tried to guess who she was – it probably would have been less if Kelly hadn't asked "Princess Peach?" every fifth guess.  Eventually she cut it short by telling Kelly who she was dressed at and was saved from having to explain who that was exactly by two people dressed as foxes coming down the garden path.

"Kim!" cried Kelly, glomping the girl.  Fox was relieved that he hadn't been tackled – from the looks of it Kelly was really strong and he didn't fancy his chances of remaining standing if he had been tackled.  As his sister and Kelly giggled and untangled themselves, he said hello to Kelly and headed inside.  The two girls swiftly followed chatting about trivial things.

A few minutes later there was a ring at the door.  Crying "Derek!" (as even Kelly could tell that he was the only one left to arrive), Kelly rushed to the front door and opened it, but the step was empty.  Saddened, Kelly shut the door, and was about to head back to the party when there was another ring.  Again she flung the door open excited, but once more there was no-one there.  She shut the door and then there was a third ring.  This time she sprang out onto the step and looked around.  Yet again she couldn't see anyone.  As she was about to turn to go in, something tapped her on the top of the head.  Looking up, she saw Karen clinging to the side of the house and cried with joy.

With everyone arrived, the party started proper.  As it went on, all the guests and their hosts failed to notice that they were all getting younger.  Conversations turned from hobbies, TV shows and the like, to giggling about cute guys at school.  By midnight, the changes had slowed to a stop.  Karen and Kim had been reduced to the age of thirteen, Tobi, Allison, Kelly and Benny to fourteen and Fox to fifteen.  Noticing the time, the girls groaned about having to go home when Kelly sprang a surprise on them.

"Well," she said drawing circles on the floor with the toes of her right foot, "I thought it'd be really cool to have a sleep over, so I asked all your mommies and daddies and they said yes."  At this the girls let out a cheer, excited that the costume party was now a slumber party as well.

"Umm," coughed Fox, "One problem.  None of us have any sleepwear with us.  Or sleeping bags."

"Not to worry," smiled Allison, "We've got plenty of spares in my emergency clothes cupboard"  She pointed at the dented metal wardrobe in one corner of the lab.

"But what about me?" asked Fox, "I'm a guy – I don't really want to be part of a girl's slumber party."

"Oh, I think I can fix that," grinned Allison evilly.  Jumping up, she dashed across to a rack of various potions in test tubes.  Plucking one that frothed and let off coloured smoke she handed it to Fox.  "Drink up."

"Is it safe?" asked Fox cautiously.  When Allison nodded he sighed and took a swig.  "What does it do?" he coughed.

"Oh," replied Allison batting her eyelids innocently, "It'll just make you the prettiest girl here."

"What?" cried Fox amidst a fit of coughing.  The girls giggled as before their eyes Fox became one of them.

"Makeover," shouted Kelly pouncing on the new girl.

"Yeah!" cried all the other girls scrambling to hold their friend down so she couldn't escape.

"Don't worry," giggled Allison, "It'll wear off by morning."
Well, here' the costume party requests. I was going to put at the end that reality has altered and everyone here is now stuck as a teenage girl (or teenage boy in Foxy's case), but I couldn't find a way of adding it in a way that didn't seem tacked on. :/

Tobias/Tobi belongs to me
Ben/Benny belongs to :iconinertialelement:
Phoenix/Kim belongs to :iconphoenixdaimon:
Foxy/Fox belongs to :iconplush-foxy:
Keegan/Allison, Kelly and AKEA belong to :iconiceman-1990:
Derek/Karen belong to :iconthedarkneon:
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