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October 18, 2010
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Justin groaned as a ray of sunlight lanced in through a crack in the curtains and straight into his eyes.  Grumbling, he pushed himself up and looked around the room.  The bed next to him was empty and he cursed himself for oversleeping and missing his girlfriend going off to work.  Sighing, he got out of bed and headed downstairs to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast.  A quick rummage through the cupboards revealed that there was nothing tasty to be found, so he decided to settle for cornflakes.  As he went to get the milk from the fridge he grimaced, reflecting on how much he hated it when the flakes at the bottom of the bowl went soggy and horrible to the taste, and momentarily he pondered why no one had ever invented a corn flake that didn't go soggy.

"Hullo," he said as he took out the milk, "What's this?"  The carton was dark blue with bright yellow writing on it reading 'AKEA Full Fat Milk, 4 pints'.  He shrugged; Sandy must have bought it last night on her way back from work.  It wasn't their usual milk, but milk was milk, right?  He poured some over his cereal and placed the carton back into the fridge.  As he tucked in, a smile spread across his face.  "Damn, that's good milk," he exclaimed.  Rapidly he slurped up his corn flakes (not noticing that they'd gone soggier quicker than usual) and decided to pour himself a glass of milk.  He quickly drained the glass and poured another, which was soon followed by a third.  Before he knew it, he'd drained the whole carton.

"Wow," he gasped, realising what he'd done, "This stuff's really delicious."  Realising he couldn't leave them without milk, he decided that he'd have to go to AKEA and buy some more.  E headed upstairs and began to get changed.  "They weren't kidding about the Full Fat part," he grunted as he pulled on his tee-shirt.  It was unusually tight, so much so that a small sliver of belly poked out from under the hem.  Ignoring it, he got his wallet and headed out.  Soon he returned home with a large stock of milk.  As he packed it away, his mouth began to water, and by lunch time had drained a six-pint.

Stomach gurgling, he went and had a lay down on the sofa, and when he awoke mid afternoon, he found that his waist had expanded even more.  He knew he should have been disturbed, but all he could think about was how thirsty he was.  Plodding back into the kitchen, he took out a four-pint and slowly drank it.  When he'd finished, he glanced at the clock and realised that Sandy would be getting home soon and that it was time he got dinner on.  He scratched his chin wondering what he should cook when it occurred to him that there was something tasty he could prepare without the hassle of cooking.  Opening the back door, he stepped out into the back garden and bent down onto all fours.

Dipping his head, he took a bite and began munching on the grass.  That rain they'd had earlier had really brought out the freshness he reflected as he tucked in.  This was delicious and he knew Sandy would like it.

"Umm, honey?" came a voice from the back door presently, "What are you doing?"

"Hmm?" he replied looking up.  It was Sandy, and she was looking worried.  "I was just about to start dinner," he replied, then paused.  If he was planning to make dinner, why was he out in the garden?

"You'd better come in," replied Sandy worriedly.

"Yeah," sighed Justin, heaving himself to his feet.  Unbeknownst to him, he'd put even more weight on since he'd began grazing.  Sandy's eyes widened in shock as she saw the changes that had overcome him.

"I think you'd better go to bed," she squeaked, helping him into the house.

"Think you're right," he moaned, rubbing his belly.  It felt like his guts were churning themselves apart.  "One thing before I go though," he sighed, staggering over to the fridge.  He grabbed another carton of AKEA milk and began to drink from it.  "This stuff's really nice hon, you should try some."

"Maybe later," replied Sandy shocked at how easily he was taking things.  She lead him upstairs, each step groaning underfoot as he plodded up them, and when he collapsed into bed, the legs gave out and it crashed to the floor.  Justin just rolled over and drained the last of his milk.  Sandy looked down at him, a single tear in her eye and she said, "I think I better call a doctor."

"Why I'm not-" began Justin before keeling over.  His flesh began to ripple as changes set in.  Small horns pushed out of his tousled hair and his ears stretched and moved up his head.  His nose grew broader and with his mouth stretched out.  He let out a moo as his whole body bulked out, his limbs growing thicker to support his enlarged bulk.  His chest swelled, mound tearing through his tee-shirt that went beyond what you'd expect to see on a fat guy's chest.  His toes grew harder and fused together forming hooves, as did his fingers, but the latter split apart again to become more finger-like than hoof-like.  A bulge formed at the front of his trousers and he mood in agony as he tried to tear them off.  Frightened, Sandy rushed forwards and helped him tug them down.  She gasped in horror at what she saw.  Justin, or rather Justine now, bore a large set of udders swaying from below her large stomach.  Justine toppled backwards, landing on the bed and fell unconscious.  Sandy could only stare dumbfounded as short tan fur sprouted from her boyfriend's skin.  'He' now resembled an anthropomorphic Jersey cow.

The door bell rang, breaking her out of her shock.  Dumbfounded, she went and answered it.  A man in a white coat was standing on the doorstep and he smiled when she opened up.

"Hello," he said, "I'm from AKEA.  I understand you bought some of our milk recently."

"Umm, yes," replied Sandy, not sure what was going on.  The man looked her up and down.

"Hmm, looks like we've got here just in time," he said, "The transformation process hasn't had chance to set in yet.  We can get you to one of our facilities to make the experience as painless as possible."

"Wha-wait," stammered Sandy, "What do you mean?"

"The milk you bought," replied the man, placing a comforting hand on her arm.  "It's altering your body.  Most people are unaffected by it, but one in a thousand have...a quirky allergy to it.  Our milk is semi-magical in nature, and those with this 'allergy' have a magical reaction to it.  Their bodies adapt to the milk in such a way to make them a hundred percent compatible with it; of course as we use magically created anthro cows to produce our milk, this does mean said allergics become cows themselves."

Slowly it dawned on Sandy what he meant.  "You've made a mistake," she said.

"I doubt that," smiled the man, "Like I said, the milk's semi-magical, so we can detect when someone's reacting to it, and we traced it here."

"Well you're half right," replied Sandy, "I mean, this is the right address, it's just that...umm...I think you want my 'boy'friend."

The man's brow furrowed as he took this in.  Realising what she meant, he pushed his way past her and headed upstairs.  Swallowing, Sandy followed him.


"So," asked Sandy, "How you settling in Justine?"  It was three weeks later, and Sandy was in the living room, phone held nervously in her hand.   Upon finding Justin's transformation nearly complete, the AKEA representative had called for an emergency transport.  They arrived and had carted Justine away.  Sandy hadn't been allowed to go with them, but the representative had assured her that Justine would be taken care of.  For the next week, Sandy had been on tenterhooks, worried about what was going to happen.  Eventually, the same representative had shown up and told her that they'd been able to stabilise Justine's condition and that she was now recovering.  Sandy had hoped that this meant that she'd soon have Justin back, and had broken down into floods of tears when he'd told her that the process was irreversible and that Justin was stuck as Justine.  AKEA had kept in touch and shortly thereafter had told her that Justine had been moved to one of their dairy farms and that before long, they'd put the two of them in contact.

"Great thanks," giggled Justine, "I get all the grass I want to eat, and I can't begin to explain the joys of being milked."

"You...err...get milked often?" asked Sandy.

"Oh, all the time," replied Justine, "In fact I'm being milked now."  She let out a moo of content and continued, "It's very humane.  They hook your udders up to a machine and it massages you as it milks.  It's absolutely divine.  You should really try it some time."

"Really?" laughed Sandy nervously.

"Oh yes," giggled Justine, "I wouldn't change this for anything in the world....well almost anything...I really wish we could be together again..."

"Me too," sighed Sandy.  She glanced over at the fridge.  After what had happened to Justin, she hadn't dared touch the milk just in case she too was 'allergic', but she'd kept a carton in the fridge nonetheless.

"Gotta go now, feeding time," said Justine, smacking her lips.

"Bye then I guess," sighed Sandy, holding back her tears.

"Maybe you could come to the Open Day next week and we could see each other then?" asked Justine as she watched the freshly mown grass descend a chute into her feeding trough.

"Maybe," sighed Sandy.  She set the phone down and looked back over at the fridge.  Did she dare to do it?  Cautiously she walked over and took out the milk.  She set a glass down on the side next to the sink and paused.  Her eyes flitted between glass and sink.  At last she made up her mind.  She unscrewed the cap of the carton, and began to pour...
Idea spawned by an RP with :iconiceman-1990:
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